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AGM 2022

Co-operative Alternatives AGM 2022 was again held online on the 11th November 2022. The Annual Report to members is here Co-op Alternatives – AGM 2022  and the Communication Report is here PR and Social Media Report 2022. End of year March 2022 accounts available Accounts 2022 .

AGM 2021

Co-operative Alternatives AGM 2021 was again held online on the 5th October 2021. This is the presentation used to report to members Co-op Alternatives – AGM 2021 . End of year March 2021 accounts available Accounts 2021 .

AGM 2020

Co-operative Alternatives AGM 2020 was held online on the 12th October 2020. End of year March 2020 accounts available Accounts 2020

AGM 2019

Co-operative Alternatives 2019 AGM will be held on the 7th November 2019 in Loveworks, McCrory Building, 130 Duncairn Gardens Belfast from 6.00pm.

Please read our 2019 Annual Report Co-op Alt Chair Annual Report 2019

End of year March 2019 accounts available here Accounts 2019

In 2019 Co-operative Alternatives Board also worked with Future Sparks Coaching on the future directions of the organisation. The full report can be found Co-operative Alternatives Planning Workshop Notes 2019

AGM 2018

Co-operative Alternatives 2018 AGM was held on the 16th October 2018 in Belfast. Read a brief summary at A New Path for Doubling the Size of the Co-operative Sector .

End of  Year Accounts 2018 can be downloaded here 2018 End of Year Accounts .

AGM 2017

Co-operative Alternatives 2017 AGM will be held on the 2oth June 2017 at the 174 Trust, Duncairn Complex, Duncairn Avenue, Belfast BT14 6BP from 6.00pm to 7.30pm.

End of Year Accounts 2017 can be downloaded here Financial Statements 2017 .

Annual Report 2015-2016

Co-operative Alternatives annual report 2014-2015 can be downloaded Annual Report to Members 15-16 and End of Year Accounts Financial Statements 2016 .

Annual Report 2014-2015

Co-operative Alternatives annual report 2014-2015 can be downloaded here.

Join Co-operative Alternatives Today!

Co-operative Alternatives membership is now open to any person or organisation that wishes to use its services. Members co-own the co-operative and determine its direction.

The benefits of membership

  1. Support a local network of co-operators of all kinds
  2. Connect to high quality advice on democratic decision making, business planning, financial, and registration/conversion
  3. Promotion in regular newsletter, website and social media channels
  4. A stronger voice to campaign for improvements for co-operatives, including with Northern Ireland media, regulators, and political parties
  5. Members only news and information, certificate, special offers and events
  6. One member, one vote at General Meetings, including Board elections
  7. Opportunity to stand for election to the Board

To join please download and complete the Co-operative Alternatives Form.


Principles and values

The Co-operative Alternative Development Society Limited (referred to Co-operative Alternatives) is a consortium co-op which will follow the seven internationally agreed principles of co-operation and a set of co-operatives values. Co-operative Alternatives is guided by the co-operative values of democracy, equality, equity and solidarity with the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and care for others.


Rules and Responsibilities

Co-operative Alternatives was incorporated in 2013 and the most updated rules are downloadable here. Responsibilities of Directors are described here.



Co-operative Alternatives exists to

  1. Support the development of co-operatives and community benefit societies and contribute to the creation of a co-operative economy in the North and South of Ireland;
  2. Provide services and business support to enterprises and projects that value people and the environment as much as profit;
  3. Provide information and share resources and encourage co-operation among co-operatives nationally and internationally;
  4. Promote the co-operative business models by educating, researching and publicising;
  5. Work in collaboration with the wider social economy and third sector.


Co-operative Alternatives Board Members

Tiziana O’Hara

Photo-143 Contact Tiziana

Mob.: 07858317634
Email: tiziana@coopalternatives.coop
Skype: TizianaOHara


Tony McQuillan

Photo-136 Contact Tony

Email: tony@coopalternatives.coop

Robert Heslip

Contact Robert Heslip

Email: info@coopalternatives.coop

Gill McNeill

Contact Gill

Email: gill@coopalternatives.coop