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Co-operative Alternatives aims to develop and support a strong co-op movement connected across the island of Ireland and doing business in a fair, just and ethical way. We are Northern Ireland’s leading co-operative development agency offering high quality support and expert knowledge to existing and emerging co-operatives.

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Season's Greetings

2020 Review

In 2020 Co-operative Alternatives released a podcast on co-ops in NI in collaboration with Combination NI

Co-operatives in Northern Ireland PODCAST

We celebrated local co-ops in The Transformational Power of Co-operatives webinar series.

We provided online co-operative training in Co-operative Skills for everyone .

We produced policy papers on co-operatives and the local economy and researched the co-operative sector in NI

We supported new and existing co-operatives via one to one mentoring and coaching with the Belfast City Council support programme, the Hive and Co-op Foundation ‘Get Ready to Grow’.

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Minister Pledges Interest in Community Wealth Building for NI as Co-operative Alternatives Celebrates Raising over £994,000 in Share Capital

Co-operative Alternatives along with Co-operatives UK, recently met with the Minister for Communities,, to discuss the role that all types of co-operatives play; from workers, to housing to community co-operatives in… Read more

Northern Mutual – Ethical, Socially-conscious & Transparent

A warm welcome to a new registered co-operative that Co-op Alternatives have supported via the Belfast City Council programme. Northern Mutual Community Bank will be making a lot of noise… Read more