New FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – NEW BLOGS

Thanks to the support of Tebibu Solomon Herego, intern in Co-operative Alternatives, currently studying a Master in Co-operatives and Sustainable Development at the University College Cork, we have prepared the following six FAQs worksheets on a variety of co-operative issues.

This work has been funded by the Belfast City Council, Economy Department through the Co-operatives and Social Enterprises Support Programme 2022.

FAQs- Co-ops and BenCom – 1

FAQs- Co-op Identity – 2

FAQs- Members – 3

FAQs- Development Setting up Related – 4

FAQs- Governance Related – 5

FAQs- Registration Related – 6


Research and Policy

Read our most update research and policies to grow a cooperative sector in Northern Ireland.

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Research on  the state of the sector in 2020

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Policies 2020

Co-op Led Solutions to addressing the Climate Emergency

Inclusive Growth Strategy: a Co-operative Perspective