Carbon Innovation Fund

Co-op Foundation is offering funding of between £75k and £100k to support food and farming projects that are tackling the climate crisis by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Carbon Innovation… Read more

Ecological Design Association NI Hempcrete Building Workshop

Picture of the workshop we ran at Holywood Mens’ Shed This workshop which takes place on Saturday 4 December 2021, is an opportunity to learn about how to mix and… Read more

Community Energy NI at the COP26 march in Belfast

Above, photo under the banner Community Energy NI: Karen Arbuckle from NICE and Anne Ford from Drumlin. Tiziana O’Hara took part with colleagues from NICE and Drumlin at the COP26 rally… Read more

 Global Co-ops – York Collective Webinar – watch again

  The recent Global Co-ops series featured the  York Collective, a new Courier Co-op. Founder member Matt outlined how this not-for-profit worker-owned cooperative of cycle couriers in York, formed as a… Read more

Introducing Rabble Co-op

Rabble Co-op founder members Dessie Donnelly and Ruairi Mc Cann discuss how their co-operative is providing specialised technological services to voluntary, public and private organisations fulfilling a social purpose. The… Read more

Co-operative Alternatives signed up the Joint declaration by UK’s Co-operatives in the run up to COP26

Ahead of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Co-operatives UK commissioned research into the climate activity of co-ops in the UK and what support was needed. This involved a review… Read more

Drumlin Co-op Delivers Practical Education for an Uncertain Future

Through its Community Fund, Drumlin Wind Co-op supports an education programme for children in Primary Schools near its six turbines.  The BREESI programme (Bringing Renewable EnErgy to Schools Initiative) has… Read more

Edenderry Village Community Co-op is a Vital Spark for Locally-Sourced Energy!

COP a look at this! Great news for Edenderry Village, Belfast as we approach COP26. From left: Ronan Davison-Kernan, Director, Edenderry Village Energy, Andy Hebdon, Director, Edenderry Village Energy, Tiziana… Read more