Upcoming FREE Co-operative Training 2024 – January

New year, new beginnings and new webinars. Co-operative Alternatives will give the opportunity to new and experienced business advisors and any intermediary agencies an introduction to the co-operative business model: Why co-ops are different? When do they succeed?

Introduction to Co-ops for Intermediaries and Business Advisors: What do you Look out for?

This session explores the co-op models and equips business advisors across NI to recognise the elements that make a business a potential co-op. Co-operatives are unique business models that are owned and controlled by their members. They are based on values and principles such as democracy and solidarity. Co-operatives are different from other businesses in that they are not driven by the needs of their members.

If you are working in enterprise agencies or any statutory body or as an independent advisor in Northern Ireland offering advice to start-up businesses, you may want to consider this session about co-ops. The training will provide you with a better understanding of what co-ops are and how to help them.

Please register your interest on eventbrite. Only if you are registered, you will receive a ZOOM LINK on the day of the event to join us online.

This training is on the Tue 30th Jan 2024 – 12.00- 2.00 ONLINE. Register at

This training is part of the Co-operative Skills 2024 series, supported by the Belfast City Council and delivered by Co-op Alternatives.