Co-operatives and the Local Economy in NI

During the webinar ‘Co-operatives and the Local Economy in Northern Ireland’ on the 29th September 2020,  Ellie Perrin presented new research on why we need a shift in local economic… Read more

How big is the co-operative sector in NI?

During the summer Co-operative Alternatives have collected information on co-operatives in NI from a variety of existing and public sources and we can now can give an updated overview on… Read more

The Transformational Power of Co-operatives

This series of five webinars will focus on what co-operative can offer and how we can support their development in Northern Ireland. Co-operatives are a vehicle for transforming local economic… Read more

Co-operative-Led Solutions to Addressing the Climate Emergency

A co-operative economy would mean a democratised local ecosystem where the production and supply of food and other essential goods and services serves all those involved. A local ecosystem where… Read more

A Local Co-operative Economy to Deliver ‘Value for People’

Co-operative Alternatives is delighted to announce the brief Inclusive Growth Strategy: a Co-operative Perspective prepared by Ellie Perrin, researcher from the University of Liverpool.  Ellie has thoroughly analysed current local strategies… Read more

Co-operating for an Alternative Future

‘Mutual Aid is in the co-ops DNA’ was the theme of this year Co-operative Fortnight 2020.  How true is this for local co-operatives? On the 2nd July, some co-operatives and… Read more

The Ballymacash Story Continues

Meeting the Ballymacash Sport Academy members last week was delightful. They are now the proud owners of the first full size, floodlit 3G football pitch in Lisburn. Everyone was very… Read more

Co-operative Fortnight 2020

Every year Co-operative Alternatives with hundreds of co-ops and organisations across the UK work together to promote co-ops during Co-op Fortnight (22 June to 5 July, 2020). This year, we… Read more