A Local Co-operative Economy to Deliver ‘Value for People’

Co-operative Alternatives is delighted to announce the brief Inclusive Growth Strategy: a Co-operative Perspective prepared by Ellie Perrin, researcher from the University of Liverpool.  Ellie has thoroughly analysed current local strategies on economy development and highlighted the crucial role co-operative can play in rebuilding a more sustainable economy. Based on academic evidence and informed practice, the paper supports the view that co-operatives must be included in the planning for the recovery after Covid 19 because ‘beyond their economic performance, co-operatives foster autonomy, democratic decision making and higher level of happiness, trust and cohesion’ and have the transformational ability to make our economy more humane, driven by ‘value for people’ rather than ‘value for money’. Co-operatives are an alternative model that policy and decision makers cannot afford to neglect nor under-estimate if they want to be true to the principles of an inclusive economy and tackle the socio-economic inequalities pervading our communities. The paper also offers some practical recommendations, based on national and international guidelines, to create and develop more co-operatives in Northern Ireland.

Download the paper Inclusive Growth Strategy: a Co-operative Perspective