Co-operative Skills for everyone

We are delighted to announce a new Webinar series called ‘Co-operative Skills’ and open these webinars to anyone involved in co-ops or anyone thinking to set up their own co-op…. Read more

Caring Co-operatives: Co-operatives in Social Care

With the fourth webinar of the series ‘The Transformational Power of Co-operatives’, we are delighted to introduce to our audiences two excellent co-operatives that have transformed the way we can… Read more

Worker and Employee Owned Co-operatives – the Future of Work?

The concept of a worker owned co-operative is still unfamiliar. We often think about the standard management and labour structure. Times are changing, and now just might be the time… Read more

Saving and Generating Energy – The Co-operative Way

On the 6th October 2020, Co-operative Alternatives hosted a webinar entitled ‘Saving and Generating Energy – the Co-operative Way’. We invited Karen Arbuckle and Anne Ford, the respective Chairs of… Read more

Co-operatives and the Local Economy in NI

During the webinar ‘Co-operatives and the Local Economy in Northern Ireland’ on the 29th September 2020,  Ellie Perrin presented new research on why we need a shift in local economic… Read more

How big is the co-operative sector in NI?

During the summer Co-operative Alternatives have collected information on co-operatives in NI from a variety of existing and public sources and we can now can give an updated overview on… Read more

The Transformational Power of Co-operatives

This series of five webinars will focus on what co-operative can offer and how we can support their development in Northern Ireland. Co-operatives are a vehicle for transforming local economic… Read more

Co-operative-Led Solutions to Addressing the Climate Emergency

A co-operative economy would mean a democratised local ecosystem where the production and supply of food and other essential goods and services serves all those involved. A local ecosystem where… Read more