Discovery Coops Series

Make room in your diary for the next series on coops. The webinars will take place during 2021 with some dates already announces for February, March and April 2021. This… Read more

A Hive of Activity – where ideas turn into plans

Cooperative Alternatives can now offer support through three different programmes funded respectively by the Belfast City Council, The Hive and the Coop Foundation. Belfast City Council support programme for social… Read more

Minister Pledges Interest in Community Wealth Building for NI as Co-operative Alternatives Celebrates Raising over £994,000 in Share Capital

Co-operative Alternatives along with Co-operatives UK, recently met with the Minister for Communities,, to discuss the role that all types of co-operatives play; from workers, to housing to community co-operatives in… Read more

Northern Mutual – Ethical, Socially-conscious & Transparent

A warm welcome to a new registered co-operative that Co-op Alternatives have supported via the Belfast City Council programme. Northern Mutual Community Bank will be making a lot of noise… Read more

Co-operatives UK Community Shares Report

  Less than ten years ago, community shares were almost unheard of. Yet since 2012, £155 million has been raised by 104,203 people in the process saving and creating more… Read more

Season’s Greetings

Co-operative Alternatives wish all our members, supporters and co-operators a warm Christmas full of promise for 2021. See you all then!  

Coop Alternatives Webinar-Led Governance Advice Proves Successful

During November and December 2020 Co-op Alternatives in conjunction with the Belfast City Council, ran two successful series of free training webinars focusing on raising awareness of inspiring cooperatives on… Read more

Community-led Housing and Housing Co-operatives

The final webinar of the series ‘The Transformational Power of Co-operatives’  was on Tuesday the 24th from 12.00 to 14.00. The topic we discussed was housing. Community- led housing and… Read more