Managing your Finance Demystified


Facilitator: Andy Cocktaildress

Webinar: Wednesday 1 June  2022  from 12.00pm – 1.30pm 

This webinar is part of the Co-operative Skills Series 2022. Co-operative Skills 2022 is a series of webinars aimed to further our understanding of co-operatives in Northern Ireland.

We have invited practitioners from around UK and far afield to share their knowledge and skills. They will help us to develop co-op skills locally during short, relevant and interesting webinars from April to June 2022.

Andy is a financial management expert and will provide an overview of what your co-operative and community business will need to do to manage finance in efficient and effective way. A short but very insightful training for anyone who think spreadsheets are scary. They are actually not! They are beautiful indeed.

Bio: Andy is a member of Co-op Culture and Acorn Co-op Support and Radical Routes in Leeds. Andy is a very experienced co-op development worker, with a speciality in Small Housing Co-ops, and small worker co-ops that have an ecological/sustainability focus.

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