BIG Co-operative Alternatives News – We are 10 Years Old!

Sunday 26 February 2023 marks the 10th Anniversary of Co-operative Alternatives Co-op. As Northern Ireland’s only body entirely devoted to developing successful co-operatives and community benefit societies, we have grown with… Read more

Ethical Weigh Share Offer Underway

  Tiziana O’Hara addressing the audience at Ethical Weigh’s recent meeting. Ethical Weigh’s new premises. Many congratulations to Ethical Weigh Community Benefit Society Ltd as they have completed their transition… Read more

Get Training . . . Upskilling Local Food Initiatives

  Training available: Upskilling Local Food Initiatives with the Solidarity Network in Ireland ( Co-op Alternatives is a member of the network with Cloughjordan Community Farm, Open Food Network Ireland,… Read more

New beginnings: why set up a co-op?

Courtesy Freepik Training: New beginnings – why and how to set up a co-op? This interesting training session explores the co-operative model, how it can fit with your idea or… Read more

Carbon Innovation Fund – Round 2 Now Open

Image Funding opened: Round 2 of Carbon Innovation Fund Want to know more about Round Two of our Carbon Innovation Fund? | Co-op Foundation (

Future Co-ops Conference Co-operative Futures ‘From Crisis to Co-op’ 10 (February 2023 Oxford)

Co-operative Futures ‘From Crisis to Co-op’ conference aims to investigate what role co-ops can play in supporting people through the cost-of-living crisis. Co-ops have a role to play in easing… Read more

UK Policy – New Co-operatives UK report ‘Communities are Doing it for Themselves’ Highlights £210 million raised in community shares

A new report reveals that communities are doing it for themselves successfully raising £210 million through community shares around the UK. In Northern Ireland 14 community shares offers account for… Read more

Northern Ireland Policy – One Stop Shop Energy Shop for Northern Ireland

Following the completion of the One Stop Shop in collaboration with Drumlin Wind Energy Co-operative and Northern Ireland Community Energy (NICE) Ltd, Co-operative  Alternatives supports the concept of the One… Read more