Roundtable and 2019 AGM


Why the local economy can benefit from workers co-operatives? What do we need to do to encourage and support the growth of more co-operative in Northern Ireland?
These are the questions we will address at this year roundtable discussion organised by Co-operative Alternatives on Thursday the 7th November from 6.00 in Loveworks Co-operative, McCrory Centre, 130 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast BT15 3NY. Followed by Co-operative Alternatives AGM.

We have invited back Ellie Perrin from Liverpool University who has spent great part of 2019 with co-operatives in Northern Ireland and will share some of the preliminary findings of her field research and Mary McManus who is currently researching the concept of Community Wealth Building in Queen’s University Belfast and will tell us about her visit and impressions of the inspirational Preston model.
Community Wealth Building is a new practical way to think about the economy. This focuses on re-addressing the imbalances in public spending, ownership models and favours local co-operatives as a mean to root wealth in our region.
The presentations will be followed by a discussion, the launch of a new support programme Get Ready to Grow and the 2019 AGM.

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