Raglan group seek members for Harryville project

Co-operative Alternatives continues its work with the Raglan Community Development Society in Ballymena on the development of an underused credit union building in Harryville, Ballymena. The group are being assisted as part of the Community Shares, Ready project, supported by the Building Change Trust.

The Raglan group is looking to raise community shares to renovate and refurbish part of an underused building in Harryville, Ballymena and open up its use to the surrounding community and businesses. This is part of a long felt aspiration to regenerate the area and bring life and confidence back in the heart of Harryville.

If you want to get involved in the Raglan project, this is the right time: the steering group is now looking for experienced volunteers (possibly with some skill in either accountancy, or project management or property management skills) who can help and support the plans of the group. Please write to Billy Millar for further information at williemillar@hotmail.com.