Co-operative Alternatives supports Cohousing NI

cohousing group

Co-operative Alternatives is currently exploring the potential of cohousing schemes with an emerging  co-operative enterprise, Cohousing NI, as part of the Go Social Programme run by Belfast City Council in support of new social enterprises and co-operatives.

Joanna McMinn, one of the founder members, said: “Cohousing is a relatively new concept for Northern Ireland, indeed there are no cohousing initiatives currently on the island of Ireland and Co-housing NI believe that they could become a popular and effective form of housing in local communities here.”

Cohousing communities are created and run by residents. They are places where people know each other well and have signed up to be part of a community. Residents have private homes complete with all the regular stuff – kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping space – yet they also have use of great shared facilities such as a common house, gardens, car pools and micro renewable energy schemes.

Through the Go Social programme, Co-operative Alternatives organised a virtual roundatable with co-housing initiatives in Leeds and London just before Christmas. If you want to hear and view the full presentation of Leeds Community Homes, please visit .

You can also find out more information on the Cohousing NI Facebook page and website .