Longlife Housing Co-operative Discovered!

On the 4th March 2021, we talked about housing co-ops. This was the second webinar under the series Discover Co-ops. We invited Niall Mulholland from Longlife Housing Co-operative.

Niall grew up in Portglenone, Co. Antrim, and lived in Belfast before moving to London in 1997. Since 2007 Niall and his family have lived in Longlife Housing Cooperative in Newham, east London (64 units/homes).

Today he told us how the housing  co-operative formed in the early 80s, what hindered and what helped their development and stated the importance to keep co-operative principles and ethos fresh and relevant for all the members. Niall also suggested to regularly review Rules and policies, since all governing documents need to be suitable and work for the growing needs of the co-operatives and its members.

Here is the full webinar: