Rural Shops

The Plunkett Foundation ( ) has been at the fore front of developing resources for community rural shops. For an overview of the Plunkett Foundation work, please view James Alcock’s presentation Plunkett Foundation .

A full range of practical guides and toolkits are also available on the website Making Local Food Work at

If you are interest in community shops, please read the essential: How to set up a community shop and Raising Funds.

To find out more about the Community Owned Rural Shop sector in UK , please download A Better Form of Business .


CASE STUDY: Strood Green Community Shop

Helen Melia is one of the founder members of Strood Green Shop and told the story of this  community enterprise. Since 2008, the community has taken over and run the shop. They launched two community share offers, one at its inception and another when disaster struck in 2012 and funds were necessary to repair structural damage. The second time they raised £35,000 from 512 members. The Strood Green shop employs local people, employs and trains teenagers, sell local products, offer postal services, internet café, free wi-fi and a free library. The shop is a lifeline in bad weather and supports the local economy.

Helen’s Presentation is available here

Community Shops and Strood Green Case Study (NI) – PART A

Community Shops and Strood Green Case Study (NI) – PART B

After this very personal account, Helen also gave  a detailed overview of what are the key elements of a community share offer.

Helen Melia’ presentation on community shares is Community Shares INTRO