Training Webinar: Members engagement strategies for co-operatives: dos and don’ts

Tuesday 15th March

12.00 – 1.30pm

Co-operatives are member-driven and member-owned organisations. What does it mean in practice?

This webinar is for anyone who wants to understand further the role of members in a co-operative and what to do to recruit, retain and continue to build a relationship with all. Co-operatives are made by people and are democratic enterprises. The relationship a co-op has with their members determine the type of co-op they are: worker, consumer, housing, community etc.

The webinar will be useful to any co-op and co-operator who wants to learn some tools, dos and don’ts, to bring and keep members at the heart of their business.

Facilitator: Tiziana O’Hara

This webinar is funded by the Belfast City Council Social Enterpises and Co-operatives Support Programme. More details here