Training Webinar: 6 Steps (maybe 7) to Make Co-ops happen

Webinar: Tuesday 22 February 2022 

12.00pm to 13.30pm


A co-operative is a business owned and run by its members. Whether those members are the customers, employees or the local community, they share the profits and have an equal say in how the business is run. In Northern Ireland there are some interesting businesses emerging, form local food initiatives to energy to sports and even finance.

This training webinar if for anyone who wants to know more about co-operatives and what are the areas they need to focus on if they want their co-operative idea to become reality. The journey to become a co-operative requires the ‘signing up’ to the co-operative principles as well as the ability to develop a viable business.  During the webinar we will explore all the aspects that makes co-operatives so special and an alterative model to what you know.

Co-operative Alternatives have been helping a variety of co-ops in many sectors: food, energy, sports etc. and have learnt quite a few lessons that we will share with the attendees to make their journey easier and enjoyable for all.

Facilitator: Tiziana O’Hara, Co-operative Development Practitioner.


This webinar is funded by the Belfast City Council Social Enterpises and Co-operatives Support Programme. More details here