Technocratic to Democratic: Bringing together Democratic Business and Policy

A research report compiled by Stir to Action was published this September. Co-operative Alternatives, as a co-operative development body in Northern Ireland, was interviewed and we are pleased to see much of our opinions reflected in the research.

The report’s purpose is to create a new evidence base that shares the direct experiences of democratic business members and advisors who have been

working within institutional strategies over the last half decade, with the aim of transforming how working together can lead towards a more democratic economy.

It also acknowledges how a lack of strategic leadership and tensions between key stakeholders in democratic business and policy, are currently undermining sector-wide ambitions.

Co-operative Alternatives has been at the heart of co-operative development in Northern Ireland since 2012 and shared with Stir to Action the challenges and opportunities to create those ‘strategic partnerships’ with local authorities, Government Departments and other key stakeholders in this region.

The full research report (Building Democratic Culture, Skills & Partnerships in Policy-led regions) may be downloaded here