Tiziana O'hara at Young Co-operators Conference

Successes at the Young Co-operators Conference

The Young Co-operators Conference was held on the 11th October with the newest co-operatives in Northern Ireland to inspire a new generation of co-operators.

Participants and speakers who attended the Young Co-operators Conference organised by Co-operative Alternatives enjoyed the event. The conference was a great success, and it was inspiring to see youth organisations come together with local co-operatives to learn about the principles of co-operation and how they can be used to create a more equitable and sustainable society.

From Co-operative Alternatives point of view, the conference highlighted some important points that we should take note of. Firstly, it is crucial that we engage more with young people, if we want to be relevant to a new generation of co-operators. Secondly, we need to raise more awareness of existing co-ops and the co-op model, many at the conference were not aware of the good work done on the ground by local co-ops. Finally, we need to involve more ‘voices’ and ‘advocates’ in our efforts to promote co-operation.

Let’s continue to work together to build a better future for everyone through co-operation! Belfast Student Housing Co-op @RabbleCoop University College Cork Carrick Greengrocers and all co-ops on this island.

Special thanks to Bouncy from the Young Co-operators Network and Jennifer and Cormac from Cork Students Housing Co-op who have travelled to the conference.