Policy Unleash our Potential, We will Deliver – Co-op Alternatives Supports Call for Co-operative Growth

Co-operative Alternatives is backing Co-ops UK’s call on all political parties ‘who share our values of democracy, self-help and solidarity to commit to co-operative growth at the next general election. If you unleash our potential, we will deliver.’

Co-ops UK has identified four policies priorities to do so:

  • Unlock options for co-operatives to raise more capital from investors and communities.


  • Remove unnecessary barriers to co-operation.


  • Accelerate the proliferation of replicable co-operative solutions in broken systems like social care,

energy, housing , data and culture.


  • Ensure communities, workers, entrepreneurs and businesses are supported to explore and adopt

co-operative options for realising their aspirations.


If you want to read more about the policy options and join the campaign, sign up at:

A Call for Co-operative Growth | Co-operatives UK