Minister Pledges Interest in Community Wealth Building for NI as Co-operative Alternatives Celebrates Raising over £994,000 in Share Capital

Carál Ní Chuilín, Minister for Communities

Co-operative Alternatives along with Co-operatives UK, recently met with the Minister for Communities,, to discuss the role that all types of co-operatives play; from workers, to housing to community co-operatives in building a fairer economy in Northern Ireland.


During the meeting, the Minister received a copy of the recent report published by Co-operatives UK on the Maturing market of community shares.The Department reiterated their interest in Community Wealth Building. This new and integrated approach for transforming the local economy and ensuring sustainable communities continue to harness the power of anchor institutions and shift the investments in local initiatives.


The connection between Community Wealth Building, co-operative development and community shares were quickly established. Tiziana O’Hara said ‘The Minister was interested in the work done by Co-operative Alternatives on the ground, in particular, about the successes we had in introducing community shares in Northern Ireland and raising over £994,000 in shares across the region.’