Learning to Disagree with Each Other and still Make Good Decisions

Two businessmen chained to each other and running in opposite directions

Facilitator: Abbie Kempson

Webinar: Wednesday 22 June 2022  from 12.00pm – 1.30pm

Co-operatives exist for the benefit of their members, placing people firmly at the centre of how they operate. In our co-ops we have an opportunity to create a co-operative working culture in which everyone’s needs are considered.

In this participatory webinar we’ll explore collaborative tools and methods to address some of the common governance problems that can lead to conflict in co-ops of all sizes. Please join us to find out more – from decision-making methods that actively welcome diverging points of view (learning to disagree without falling out!) to creating space to talk about conflict.

Bio: Abbie Kempson is a member of People Support Co-op, providing practical advice, training and support to nurture co-operative systems and relationships. With twenty years of involvement in community organising and worker co-operation, she has a long-held interest in participatory processes for collective decision making and action and a very experienced co-operator.

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