Energy Ownership matters!

One of the issues COP26, Glasgow in October 2021 will highlight, is our reliance on gas and how it is stopping us from tackling the climate emergency.

We are facing an energy crisis as reliance on Russian gas pushes prices higher. Many smaller energy suppliers have already gone out of business and many households are struggling to pay exorbitant energy demands just to heat their homes.

However, we can generate clean, affordable energy for the benefit of local communities, led by local communities, which does not rely on overseas gas suppliers. When energy generation is community-led, we can tackle fuel poverty, help our climate and reinvest profits in a greener, more resilient energy sector. Community energy works – from a community centre roof in Whitehead to wind farms on the Sperrin Mountains – Northern Ireland needs this now. Progress is being held back by a lack of Government support.

But you can make a difference – pledge to support the Cooperative Party’s petition to call the UK Government to give the support it needs to prevent another energy crisis.  This will also have an impact on our regional Department that are about to finalize a new Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland.

Follow this link to add your support to the Co-operative Party Petition.