Co-operation in Action

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Wednesday May 26 2021

6pm – 7.30pm

Registering an organisation as a co-operative is one thing; creating a functioning democratic member-owned co-operative is another thing altogether. Co-operatives are human endeavours, as such they require not only skills to function as a business, but also a shared commitment to a collaborative way of working. In a society that values first and foremost individual accomplishment and entrepreneurship, how do we foster a democratic way of being? How do co-ops navigate the intricacies of democratic governance?

This workshop will explore co-operative governance. Looking at the informed experience of co-operators throughout Northern Ireland, we will discuss how democratic praxis can infuse the day-to-day routine of a co-operative. In this interactive session, we will explore together practical tools to confront hurdles, make committees more efficient and enhance our “co-operative skills”.

Webinar facilitator – Ellie Perrin.

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