10th Annual general meeting

Co-operative Alternatives Celebrates a Decade of Empowering Communities and Sustainable Development in Belfast – 10th AGM 2023

Co-operative Alternatives, a pioneering cooperative development body in Belfast, is thrilled to announce its momentous 10th anniversary and invite co-operators and supporters to the 10th Annual General meeting. Over the past decade, the organisation has been dedicated to fostering community empowerment, sustainable growth, and the advancement of cooperative principles across Northern Ireland.

Since its inception in 2013, Co-operative Alternatives has been a driving force in promoting and supporting co-operatives as a pathway to economic resilience and social transformation.

With a steadfast commitment to inclusivity, equity, and collaboration, the development body has facilitated the establishment and growth of numerous cooperatives, thereby creating job opportunities, fostering local entrepreneurship, and strengthening community ties.

Throughout its journey, Co-operative Alternatives has achieved remarkable milestones:

Catalysing Co-operative enterprises: Over the past 10 years, Co-operative Alternatives has successfully incubated and nurtured a diverse range of co-operatives spanning sectors such as agriculture, retail, energy, and more. Such as Carrickfergus Community Greengrocer, Northern Ireland Community Energy, Jubilee Farm and Rabble Co-op.  These cooperatives have not only contributed to the local economy but have also acted as exemplars of democratic decision-making and shared prosperity.

Community Empowerment: The organization’s emphasis on community engagement and participation has empowered individuals and groups to take control of their economic destinies. By providing training, mentorship, and resources, Co-operative Alternatives has enabled communities to establish and manage enterprises that reflect their unique needs and aspirations.

Advocacy and Awareness: Co-operative Alternatives has been a strong advocate for the cooperative movement, working to raise awareness about the benefits of co-operative models among policymakers, business leaders, and the public. Through workshops, seminars, and events, the development body has educated a wide audience about the positive impact of co-operatives on local economies and social cohesion.

Sustainable Development: At the heart of Co-operative Alternatives’ mission is the pursuit of sustainability in all its forms. By promoting co-operative practices that prioritize environmental responsibility, fair wages, and ethical decision-making, the organization has contributed to a more equitable and ecologically conscious future.

As Co-operative Alternatives celebrates its 10th anniversary, the organisation reaffirms its commitment to fostering co-operative values and principles, driving economic innovation, and creating lasting social change. Looking ahead, the organization is excited to embark on the next decade of its journey, expanding its reach, and continuing to empower communities across Northern Ireland.

The 10th Annual General Meeting will feature an overview of the past 10 years in co-operative development in Northern Ireland to highlight the achievements of the co-operative movement and inspire new generations of co-operative leaders.

To register on this online event, please visit https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/co-operative-alternatives-10th-annual-general-meeting-tickets-748336112457?aff=oddtdtcreator