Co-op Alternatives pledged support for Stir to Action

Stir to Action is crowdfunding to fund the mass circulation of a special publication – ABCs of the New Economy – a new ‘primer’ and event guide to support for community-led organisations to build their own local movements.

The free publication will create access to all aspects of the new economy, featuring tools and ideas to transform a broken economic system through reversing the social care crisis, remaking our food system, and changing the unfair housing market.

They’re looking to raise at least £15,000 to print thousands of copies and distribute them across the UK.

Co-operative Alternatives have been a subscriber of this inspirational magazine from its inception and has already pledged its support for the publication of the ABCs of the New Economy. This would be a fantastic resource for all co-operators and ‘disrupters’ on this island who wants to see change and a shift in mindsets.

The ABCs of the New Economy would be an accessible ‘primer’ on all aspects of the new economy, sharing straightforward tools and ideas for workplaces, communities, and movements for change.

Despite crisis after crisis, new economic ideas are still largely unknown across communities, and it’s time for a post-pandemic movement to inspire local economic change. The Stir to Action’s event guide and 1-to-1 support will support communities to build and extend their own local movements over the next few years.

To make this happen, they also need your support!

Your support for the campaign will fund:

  • The publication of thousands of copies of the ABCs of the New Economy
  • The distribution to hundreds of community-led organisations across the country
  • A downloadable event guide to support UK-wide movement building events

1-to-1 support for community-led organisations to host movement building events

Find out more, pledge by the 19 July 2023, and share the campaign at