Co-op Alternatives Board meets with Rose Marley, Co-ops UK CEO

Last week Co-op Alternatives Directors had a very positive meeting with Rose Marley, the recently appointed CEO at Co-operatives UK and Gareth Wright, Members Relation Officer. Co-op Alternatives welcomed Ms Marley in her new post and introduced the new CEO to our co-op. During the meeting, Ms Marley highlighted the contribution of the NI region to the UK co-operative economy. This was said with reference to the 2022 Economy Report, which would be updated with more insights on the devolved regions, and about to be launched at Co-ops UK Congress 2022 Co-op Congress | Co-operatives UK in June.

Ms Marley was very well aware of the development work we have done since inception and Co-op Alternatives directors were very happy to share with the CEO the opportunities that they see in community farming, community energy and housing for co-operatives in the region.