Cloughjordan Annual Gathering 2023

Tiziana O’Hara attended the Cloughjordan Annual Gathering in-person for agroecological farmers and workers, community food and environmental advocates, and people interested in cooperatives, local resilience, food sovereignty and rural regeneration.

Conversations focused on how we can strengthen the solidarity food network and support a regenerative and more resilient way to feed ourselves on this island. We met with representatives of Cultivate, Arc 2020, East Clare Co-op and Talamh Beo and, as well case studies of local conventional, organic and agroecological farmers, we heard the experiences of European projects from the Municipality of Plesse’ in Brittany and the Balkan Seed project, from South Eastern Europe.

An interesting read in the form of this policy guide for the future of rural Europe ‘Rural Europe Takes Action: No More Business as Usual’ RETA-final-5MB.pdf (