Community Bank

Can we talk about a community bank for NI? LIVE STREAMING

Co-operative Alternatives invites you to join us at the event on community bank on Thursday the 26th March 2020 at 7.00pm.

This event is now a LIVE STREAMING event offering the online attendees the opportunities to ask questions to the guest speakers. To register please visit

You can join the event via computer, tablet or using your smart phone. All the instructions will be sent after registration.

Community banking is an alternative approach to banking as we know it, moving away from the privatised system that exists now and towards a democratised system that gives each of us a say in how our money can be used.

At present, our money, in the form of incomes, savings, pensions, economic activity and public budgets is largely controlled by private interests and is invested elsewhere. A community bank, owned and controlled by the people who live here, would allow individuals, communities, businesses and public sector bodies to have control over this vast wealth and ensure it’s used for our benefit.

Many of us have also witnessed the demise of the Co-operative Bank, the ethical bank par excellence. Paul Gosling has been an insightful critic and recently wrote ‘The Fall of the Ethical Bank’ exploring the reasons at play.

This would be a good night with well prepared speakers to spark an interesting debate.

Speakers: Bridget Meehan, Community Bank campaigner in NI and Paul Gosling, author of the Fall of the Ethical Bank.

The public will be invited to participate in the debate. Event chaired by Tiziana O’Hara, Co-operative Alternatives.

Loveworks Co-operative, Macrory Centre, 130 Duncairn Gardens
26th March: 7.00pm – 8.00pm.

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