Cultivating Community Farming – Invitation to tender

We are looking for an Assessor/Evaluator who can help us to measure the impacts of the participating groups and extrapolate the learning of the overall Cultivating Community Farming project. If… Read more

A Co-operative category at the 2022 SENI AWARD!

Still time to apply for 2022 SENI Award to Co-operatives! Open to Cooperatives that can truly demonstrate and communicate their impact with their stakeholders and members. Application from .NEW Deadline:2nd… Read more

An overview of co-operative development from UK based practitioners

Tiziana O’Hara has recently contributed to an article in Co-op News highlighting the challenges faced by small co-ops in NI. The article was written by Rebecca Harvey in Co-op News… Read more

‘Rebuilding Better Together’ with Co-ops in 2021

The conference ‘Rebuilding Better Together’ was held on the 1st of July 2021 online to celebrate Co-operative International Day. The event showcased a great number of co-operatives across North and… Read more

Huddle together for Co-op Fortnight & celebrate cooperation!

Over this year’s  Co-op Fortnight – (21 June – 4 July) we celebrated all existing & emerging local co-ops – and the ones yet to start! Co-ops have shown resilience… Read more

Community Energy and the new DfE Strategy

NICE and Drumlin, the two energy co-operatives in NI, have jointly promoted community energy since 2020. The joint-committee prepared a position paper on the growth of community energy at the… Read more

Venture Folk Ltd discovered!

Speakers and founder members Christopher Shannon and Helen Keys introduced the story of VentureFolk Ltd, a worker co-operative, owned and managed by its members; a collective of innovators, creators and… Read more

Longlife Housing Co-operative Discovered!

On the 4th March 2021, we talked about housing co-ops. This was the second webinar under the series Discover Co-ops. We invited Niall Mulholland from Longlife Housing Co-operative. Niall grew… Read more