Buildings and Heritage

Community owned buildings may drive regeneration and long term sustainable change in a community. People may have a vision to own and develop a special heritage building in their locality and use it to benefit the whole community. Co-operatives and Community Benefit Societies can be the chosen structures for such initiatives.

CASE STUDY : Unity Hall in Wakefield at
“A building may be beautiful but what people do in it makes it exciting” is a quote from Chris Hill at the first workshop of the series Community Owned: Community Shared on “Buildings and Heritage”. Chris’ insights on the use of COMMUNITY SHARES were based on his first hand experience of projects such as Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre, Unity Hall in Wakefield, Huttons in West Street, Sheffield. Chris talked openly of the challenges he faced and the lesson he learnt but the variety of projects he displayed were many and all inspirational.

Heritage Co-operatives – Chris Hill – Part A

Heriatge Co-operatives – Chris Hill – Part B



There is support and financial help available to a group or a community interested in using and transforming a local building for community benefit. The Development Trust NI, the NI Environment Agency and the Heritage Lottery Fund NI have all something to offer.


Development Trust NI – Charlie Fisher

NI Environment Agency – Brian McKervey

Heritage Lottery Fund NI – Una Duffy – Part A

Heritage Lottery Fund NI – Una Duffy – Part B


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