Loveworks Co-operative

Loveworks Co-operative

Loveworks Co-operative

Loveworks Co-operative was established in December 2015 to create work placement opportunities and training for disadvantaged young people, to help them gain employment and be better equipped to meet their needs.We operate a range of business ventures including: bike repair and refurbished bike sales, organic micro-bakery and garden maintenance & landscaping.

We bake a range of organic sourdough rye and wheat breads, as well as sweet bakes, every Friday from our bakery at the Macrory Centre.

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Bike Repair
We operate a bike-repair service from the Macrory Centre, and refurbish unwanted bikes of any size, and sell at an affordable price. We also deliver training in Bike Repair & Maintenance. All available bikes can be viewed on

We offer a garden maintenance and landscaping service including custom furniture building. Contact us and we’ll come out to see what you’d like done.


Lovework Co-operative social aims are:

Personal & Social Development
The cooperative is educational, enabling the workers to gain new knowledge and skills, and develop healthier relationships with each other and the outside world.

Poverty Reduction
We seek to enable the workers to come off state benefits, and thereby enhance quality of living and reduce unemployment in socially deprived areas.

Health & Environment
We promote the importance of physical exercise and mental wellbeing through direct involvement in our business operation. We promote environmental sustainability through upcycling the bikes, and prioritising local, organic food production, the promotion of gardening, and growing your own vegetables.


Contact Details

Loveworks Co-operative,
Macrory Centre,
130 Duncairn Gardens
BT15 2GL