Northern Mutual – Ethical, Socially-conscious & Transparent

A warm welcome to a new registered co-operative that Co-op Alternatives have supported via the Belfast City Council programme.

Northern Mutual Community Bank will be making a lot of noise in 2021. The new mutual will offer a different option for the needs of individual, community and business banking in Northern Ireland.

Simply put, it will be a local bank, run by local people for local people. The mutual will offer a full range of banking products such as lending to SMEs, co-operatives, current accounts but will reinvest the profits in Northern Ireland’s economy. The plan is to implement fintech financial technology, shared branches to enable the NI’s mutual to reach out members who have lost access to banking services . This will set Northern Mutual apart from other clearinghouses.

Watch again Bridget’s explanation of what a community bank is on Co operative Alternatives Community Banking Webinar – YouTube