New Webinar – Businesses in Community and Co-operative Ownership

Date: 27 April 2022 – 12.00 to 13.30

Title: ‘Businesses in Community and Co-operative Ownership’

Facilitator: Mark Simmonds

This webinar is part of Co-operative Skills Series 2022 funded by the Belfast City Council.

We have invited practitioners from around UK and far afield to share their knowledge and skills. They will help us to develop co-op skills locally during short, relevant and interesting webinars from April to June 2022.

The first webinar is facilitated by Mark Simmonds and it is all about community and co-operative ownership. Join this webinar if you want to understand more why co-ops are not ‘businesses as usual’. Mark will use a few examples to explain differences and similarities among co-op models.

Bio: Mark is a member of Co-op Culture ( ) based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. Mark is a very experienced co-operative and community entrepreneur, delivering advice and support around all aspects of co-operative and other social enterprise development, management and governance.

Mark is a founder member of the Fox and Goose Co-operative Pub, Pennine Community Power, Platform 6 Development Co-operative and currently occupies the co-operative development seat on the board of Co-operatives UK.

Mark is also currently a member of the UK Co-operative Governance Expert Reference Panel.

Please note register your interest and you will receive a zoom link on the day of the event. Link here