A transition may just be under way . . . #NewEconomyNI

Maurice McCartney in Combination NI recently chaired two roundtable discussions on the transition to a new and just economy in Northern Ireland.

Four activists participated in the conversation: Bridget Meehan (Northern Mutual), Mary McManus (Community Wealth Building campaigner), Lee Robb (Positive Carrickfergus and Repair Cafe) and Tiziana O’Hara (Co-operative Alternatives).

They refer to themselves as the ‘Alternative Economists’ and, through their work on the ground, they are waiving a new picture of Northern Ireland. The new economy is one made of democratic, citizen-led and co-operatively built initiatives that, from the bottom-up, have transformed local communities.

This is the first part of the conversation with a beautiful introduction by Maurice,

“The extractive, neoliberal model of political economy is failing us; grassroots economic democracy must be at the heart of the #NewEconomyNI, and a transition may just be under way.”

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