Events 2020


The Transformational Power of Co-operatives

A WEBINAR SERIES on what co-operatives can offer and how their development can be supported.

This series of FIVE ONLINE FREE webinars is organised by Co-operative Alternatives and invites the participants to explore the variety and advantages of co-operative models.

Co-operatives are a vehicle for transforming local economic development – a business model that allows people and communities to meet their needs and aspirations. Co-operatives offer a unique answer to contemporary problems – a space where solidarity and mutual aid are valued, and where economic pursuits are embedded within considerations of the communities and the planet in which we live.

The webinars are for anyone involved in economic and community development and for people interested in hearing first-hand experiences from new emerging co-ops in Northern Ireland and beyond. We welcome policy makers and Government and Council officials involved in economic development, regeneration and business support. This series is also aimed to any activists and co-operators who may want to set up alternative models to answer the needs of their communities, their enterprises or being inspired by local co-operators.

WEBINAR 1 – ‘CO-OPERATIVES AND THE LOCAL ECONOMY IN NI’ – 29th Sept 2020. All information here

WEBINAR 2 – ‘SAVING AND GENERATING ENERGY – THE CO-OPERATIVE WAY’ – 6th October 2020. All information here